Arnhem, September 2021 — AET Europe, the leading vendor of solutions in the area of strong digital identities, is announcing the launch of the new generation of their leading product SafeSign Identity Client, version 3.7 for Standard (MacOS and Linux) and Minidriver (Windows).

With this launch, the company reinforces its position in the market as the front-runner of solutions enabling secure elements for desktop applications. Adding to its unique ability to support all tokens featuring the SS Applet; used by hundreds of devices from all major hardware manufacturers, it now also provides support of JCOP 4 cards enabling use as a QSCD.

This newest version for Windows, MacOS and Linux as well as the official release notes are available for all customers with active Maintenance Service Agreements.

To learn more about SafeSign IC, digital identities, or to book a meeting with us, contact us at, or visit the website at

About AET Europe B.V.

AET Europe is a global leader in the area of digital security solutions. Founded in 1998. We are specialized in creating secure solutions in identification, authentication, digital signing, consent and management of credentials.

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