07/04/2013 – Pentio Corporation (head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Haruhiko Hasegawa, hereinafter referred to as Pentio), which provides device development and solution authentication using devices, is compatible with major Windows operating systems including Microsoft (R) Windows We began providing Hybrid IC Card “Pentio IC Card 3300 NFC”.

Pentio IC Card 3300 NFC is the first IC card with non-contact Mifare and FeliCa and 2 contact IC chips compatible with Windows 8.

It is a hybrid card that can use non-contact Mifare and FeliCa such as entering and leaving the office with the same card. In the past, employee identification cards and PC security cards were often issued as separate cards. Because the cards are separate, there was a possibility that while leaving the PC security card in the PC, it took out the employee ID card and leave the room, but by becoming the same card the security concerning such operation You can solve the problem.

It can also be used for user authentication of an Android tablet terminal with built-in NFC reader function, which is expected to increase in the future.

Product features

Supports Microsoft Minidriver, supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, etc. as standard, supports various 64 bit OS

Pentio IC Card 3300 NFC is compatible with standard software for use with Windows OS and can be used immediately.
System administrators using the Pentio IC Card 3300 NFC will be relieved of the complexity of distributing IC card middleware and contribute to the reduction in TCO of computer systems. Also, because it is not necessary to incorporate difficult software, it can also be used as a service IC card for general consumer users.
Microsoft’s BaseCSP Minidriver compatible with the Microsoft Smart Card Base Cryptographic Service Provider (BaseCSP) is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 OS standards. ※ 1
Drivers for various 64 bit OS can also be provided.

RSA 2048 bit public key encryption * 2, AES 256 bit common key encryption, SHA 256 bit hash function, next generation encryption algorithm installed

The contact type IC chip of Pentio IC Card 3300 NFC adopts the next generation encryption algorithm of high strength and responds to the cryptographic strength compromise countermeasure which is worried about “cryptography 2010 issue” etc. RSA 2048 bit public key encryption, AES 256 bit common key encryption, SHA 256 bit hash function can be processed inside the IC chip.

FIPS 140-2 * 3 Level 3, Common Criteria EAL 5 + security certification module installed

The contact type IC chip of the Pentio IC Card 3300 NFC is very reliable certified in Federal Information Processing Standards Publication (FIPS) 140-2 Level 3 which is a US federal standard specifying specifications of security requirements for cryptographic modules It is a product with high chip.

PKCS#11 support also supports Mac OS X, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu, Solaris

When using Pentio IC Card 3300 NFC under Mac / Linux environment, it becomes available by installing PKCS#11 library software.
PKCS#11 library software that can be used with Mac OS X, RedHat Linux, Suse Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Oracle Solaris, etc. can be provided.

  • Integration of IC card identification card of employee ID / employee ID card and entrance / exit authentication (option corresponding to Mifare, FeliCa etc.)
  • Remote desktop service on thin client using 64bit OS server
  • Usage not only on Windows PC but also in a wide range of PC environment such as thin client, Mac OS X, Linux
  • I want to secure the security of the take-out PC Use of pre-boot authentication of encrypted PC
  • Usage in a wide range of service environments regardless of internal or external company
  • Service use including those not high in PC literacy
  • Want to secure robustness even a few years ahead High security is required
  • Application requiring a high level of security certification (FIPS 140-2 Level 3)


* 1 Windows Smart Card Minidriver is a vendor-developed driver software that calls an API (= WinSCard API) for an application used by a smart card to access and use public / private keys stored in a smart card = Minidriver). This driver software corresponds to Microsoft’s BaseCSP (= Base Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider). Minidriver for 3300 NFC provided by our company is automatically installed on various Windows OS from PnP from Microsoft Windows Update site.

* 2 U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will consider factors such as trends in cryptanalysis research and improvements in computer processing capability, and from 2010 onwards, from the previous 1024 bits in RSA public key cryptography We recommend migration to 2048 bits. Correspondence to 2048 bit has already advanced in Japan.

* 3 FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards Publication) 140-2 is a US federal standard that specifies specifications of security requirements for cryptographic modules. The standard is FIPS 140-2 issued on May 25, 2001.

About Pentio Corporation

Pentio Corporation is a company that provides authentication solutions with its own USB token / IC card. We are aggressively developing authentication solutions in combination with authentication devices such as USB tokens and smart cards to a large number of customers including medical institutions, educational institutions, and major companies.

Pentio Corporation
No. 2 Sky Building 801, 5-10-1 Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022

Date of establishment:
September 24, 1998

Representative Director Haruhiko Hasegawa
Business description / sales:
Development / sale of authentication tokens using USB token / IC card authentication technology · Development and provision of Web systems · Mobile application development and provision


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