27 March 2003 – Sweden’s Precise Biometrics has released Precise BioMatch M, a fingerprint matching system compatible with multi-application Multos smart cards.

The new technology allows the vendor’s Match-on-Card solution, to be added to cards that utilise the Multos operating system. The application complements the company’s other products for smart cards, Precise BioMatch C, for integration into the operating system of any smart card and Precise BioMatch J, for Java smart cards.

The biometric application can be added to the smart card at any time, from production, personalisation or after issuance.

Jonas Andersson, product marketing director, Precise Biometrics, says: “With the launch of Precise BioMatch M we have a very strong product portfolio and can offer Precise Match-on-Card technology to any of the leading smart cards on the market.”

Steve Everhard, CEO of Maosco, the company set up to promote Multos specifications, adds: “The fact that the fingerprint functionality can be added to both new and already issued smart cards will greatly simplify the deployment of fingerprint functionality for identity markets.

About Precise Biometrics
Precise Biometrics AB is a security company that supplies systems for fingerprint and smart card-based authentication. The Company has developed solutions that replace keys, PIN codes, and passwords, and the product line include include smart ID cards and systems for access control to buildings, computers, and networks. Precise Biometrics markets worldwide.

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