Aftholderberg, Germany, November 2017 — Premiering at the 2017 Trustech in Cannes, France, Rinas is introducing its latest encoding solution to the marketplace. Tried and tested components resulting from years of successful deployment worldwide have been integrated into this novel encoder packed with a feature-set typically found in larger-scale industrial devices.

The Rinas SRM comprises an ultra-smooth transport system combined with an optional universal RFID reader, with height adjustment for optimum positioning between 5 mm and 30 mm, for the majority of currently available tags in use in today’s card industry. Comprehensive software accompanying the Rinas reader facilitates the encoding and subsequent verification of the processed cards. Customer RFID hardware and software can of course be used in place of the Rinas solution as required.

Smart Card production is also catered for by having individually spring-loaded chip contact pins lowered by a motor to the card’s contacts. This raising and lowering action is performed at under 200 ms, which greatly contributes to a more rapid card throughput. Customer electronics addresses these pins for chip read / write operations.

The Rinas monochrome print solutions that complement the SRM’s feature set include the field tested, high-resolution ink-jet print unit that is based on the same HP expertise in use by millions of office printers as well as the more recently developed Rinas thermal-transfer and drop-on-demand (DoD) print solutions. All recommended Rinas print solutions are capable of printing monochrome alphanumeric fonts, barcodes, 2D codes and Matrix codes at resolutions between 300 dpi and 600 dpi on oil-free plastic cards. Up to two scanner units, operating in either the IR or visible light spectrums, can be accommodated for data acquisition or print control and can recognise all common typefaces, barcodes and even 2D and Matrix codes. These units have variable mounting options for all kinds of topside, underside or dual-sided upstream / downstream scanning tasks.

About Rinas

Founded by Wilfried Rinas in 1984 in Aftholderberg, a small community between Pfullendorf and Überlingen on Lake Constance, Rinas Gerätetechnik GmbH very quickly became one of the world´s leading manufacturer of magnetic card reader and writer, chip card reader (smart card reader) and ticket encoding machines.

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