For decades now, Rinas Gerätetechnik has been setting standards in magnetic stripe (magstripe) technology and the handling of cards and tickets, as well is a provider of smart card encoding devices. For our customers, this means a high level of productivity with an excellent cost-benefit ratio – which means that, when it comes to both domestic and international markets, they’re the ones holding all the cards. Since 1984, Rinas has been serving the OEM, card manufacturing and system integration markets with high-quality magnetic card reading and writing devices. Knowledge gained from working with the standards committee, combined with hands-on experience obtained through analysis of magnetic card processes, have made Rinas what it is today – a factory of ideas and the leading authority on magnetic encoding and analysis. Today, Rinas technologies are shipped to large systems houses around the world, where the competence, experience and the dependability of the corporation is greatly relied upon.

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