Costa Mesa, CA, April 7, 2000 – SAFLOK proudly announces that it has joined a strategic alliance with CardLogix and KDE CardCom Technology, which was formed in January 2000 to increase customer loyalty in the gaming and hospitality industries. By joining the alliance, SAFLOK will enhance the technology in its door lock product lines to work compatibly with the smart cards and smart card readers manufactured by CardLogix and KDE CardCom Technology. For the first time in history, casino and hotel patrons will have the luxury of carrying one smart card to perform multiple functions.

SAFLOK brings a value-added component to the existing alliance by providing hotel and casino guests with the ability to access various secured areas including hotel rooms, parking facilities and any other resort amenities using a single smart card. In conjunction with the products provided by CardLogix and KDE CardCom Technology, guests may use the same card at the establishments’ gaming operations, food service providers and other third-party operations as negotiated.

CardLogix, KDE CardCom Technology and SAFLOK plan to expand the alliance by adopting other manufacturers to augment the universal capabilities of the smart card. To clearly identify the compatible products, the three companies have created IGSA (International Gaming Solutions Alliance). All product lines conforming to the common platform established by these pioneers will become “IGSA Certified” so that businesses in the gaming and hospitality industry can be assured of their cross-compatibility.

CardCom Technology, the marketing arm of KDE, manufacturers the largest line of magnetic stripe (magstripe) and smart card readers. Since 1993, CardCom Technology has provided hardware for electronic cash transactions, telecommunications and the public transportation industry. CardCom Technology also designs systems for the Auto Identification Industry. Contact CardCom Technology at 800-476-8711, or visit their webpage at

CardLogix was founded in 1994 and manufacturers smart cards and software, providing an advanced technology platform for the transaction of data and value. CardLogix sells worldwide to businesses in healthcare, banking and entertainment. Contact CardLogix at 949-380-1312, or visit their website at

SAFLOK invented magnetic stripe technology in 1982 for stand-alone electronic locks and today is revolutionizing the security industry with its innovations that allow smart cards, memory chip cards and magnetic stripe cards to operate in hotel and commercial property applications. For more information, contact SAFLOK headquarters at 800-562-5733, or visit their website

IGSA (International Gaming Solutions Alliance) was formed between leading technology companies in the hospitality and gaming industries to ensure compatibility between their products. IGSA is developing solutions to address critical challenges in the hospitality and gaming operations, including security, revenue retention and customer satisfaction.


Phil Wilder, Director of Marketing, SAFLOK

Kimberly Armstrong, Publicist, Hunter Barth, Inc.