IRVINE, CA, July 16, 2012 — CardLogix, a leading supplier of smart cards and software for the creation of trusted Identity Credentials, has announced that it has integrated biometric enrollment stations and software from Corvus Integration as a key part of its identity management platform. This platform utilizes smart cards and biometrics to enroll personnel, process their biographic and biometric data, and issue a trusted Identity Credential. With this credential, government and business can identify, manage, and protect people. This applies to virtually every aspect of daily working and living, including applications in National ID, Employee/Campus, Healthcare, First Responder, and Law Enforcement.

The products that are featured in this platform are the CardLogix M.O.S.T. Toolz® Smart Card Development Kit, the M.O.S.T.® Microprocessor card family, Corvus Raven software, and various Corvus Identity Enrollment Stations, including the Microbooking Station. Enrollment stations come complete with Iris camera/fingerprint capture in a rugged, portable case. Corvus products are available at the CardLogix web store.

Identity Management: A Growing Need

Smart card and Biometric capture technologies address a worldwide, unprecedented need for securing identity as government and business strive to identify and protect personnel. In addition, a trusted Identity Credential allows secure access to data and facilities, effective management of services, and the securing of dynamic areas, such as combat zones and crime scenes. According to Global Industry Analysts, Inc., (GIA) this need will drive the worldwide biometrics industry to over $16 billion in revenue by the year 2017.

“This partnership responds to the growing worldwide need for irrefutable identity management” says Bruce Ross, CEO of CardLogix. Business and governments are rapidly responding to identity theft, terrorism, and the need to better manage services, with verifiable identity as the most fundamental starting point. Biometrics and smart cards are commonplace throughout the world, and are now advanced enough and at a price point to be practical in many emerging applications.” Ross added that the full range of products can be found at the CardLogix website and worldwide through representatives who provide integration expertise.

About CardLogix

CardLogix secures digital identity with smart cards and software for the safe transaction of data and value. CardLogix smart cards can be found throughout the world in National Identity, Healthcare, ePassport, and Voting applications. The company works with technology partners, creating complete solutions for the most urgent security needs of business and government. For more information, please e-mail or call +1.949. 380.1312.

About Corvus Integration

Corvus is a Washington D.C. USA area based, veteran owned business focused on the creation, delivery, and management of biometric, identity management, and security solutions. The company possesses a unique set of
capabilities and partners built on a solid foundation of subject matter expertise totaling over 100 years collectively in the biometric, identity, and security industries. For more information, visit or e-mail