Irvine, CA, August 18, 2003 – CardLogix, a leading supplier of smart cards and software for the movie theater industry, today announced Version 4.6 of its Movie Gold Ticketing and Payment Platform for movie theaters. Version 4.6 supports additional smart card readers and adds support for the CardLogix M.O.S.T.™ smart card family. The platform consists of smart cards, readers and software. The multi-application smart card is loaded, spent and re-charged, storing value and loyalty points for customers. The Movie Gold v4.6 platform is also web-enabled for online reservation and purchase of tickets, featuring secure Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) that enhances basic SSL web security.

The Movie Gold Ticketing And Payment platform puts the theater operator in control of system growth and revenue. Unlike magnetic-stripe card-based systems, the operator controls the system outright and does not pay transaction fees each time the card is used. This control boosts return on investment dramatically.  The Windows-based software is provided with the Movie Gold platform, and works with all major theater P.O.S. systems. The software is applicable to any type of system, allowing operators to use it in a variety of configurations throughout a chain of theaters. Other benefits of stored value ticketing include ‘float’ – revenue collected as cards are sold and not yet used and ‘breakage’ – value balances that are never used.

Using the platform as a foundation, operators can configure the software for ticket purchasing at multiple locations, including online at home. Other enhanced configurations can include kiosk screen programming of previews and special offers shown while tickets are purchased.

Leading P.O.S. systems supported are: Ticketing Systems, Titan Technology, SSI, MPO Videotronics, Vista Tech and OmniTerm. Many of these companies also have preprinted cards in support of small theater systems with the Movie Gold Platform.

The Movie Gold v4.6 Ticketing and Payment Platform is available now from CardLogix. For more information, contact CardLogix at (949)380-1312 and

Since 1998, CardLogix has been a leading supplier of smart card ticketing systems throughout the U.S. and worldwide. The company has teamed with leading P.O.S. and smart card reader suppliers to deliver and support stored value technology that builds business for movie theaters. For more information, visit CardLogix at