COSTA MESA, CA, November 20, 1995 — CardLogix was formed to develop advanced card-based micro-electronic and magnetic technologies for use in the transaction and identification markets. Our technology is targeted for consumer applications where security, reliability, and low cost are essential.

E’Lan Inc. Lux Group LLC
Product Design Product Conceptualization
Engineering Development Funding/Finance
Sales and Marketing Market Research

E’lan Inc.

E’lan Inc. is a California C class corporation formed in March 1994.

E’lan Inc. operated as a partnership for a year prior to our incorporation. Our primary market and product focus has always been centered around embedded microcontrollers and integrated packaging solutions.

E’lan Inc. has been self-funded from inception, and supported a large portion of its capital requirements by providing advanced engineering services to local customers. As an engineering services provider to companies of all sizes and technical sophistication, E’lan Inc gave its customers in-depth skill and experience in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing and program management.

The services provided by E’lan Inc. have varied from simple software programming to system development. Projects included a vault security system, biomedical devices, key security, and most recently a secure transaction card program.

Lux Group LLC/LK Enterprises

Originally started as a partnership in 1973, LK Enterprises became a California Limited Liability Corporation and was renamed Lux Group LLC in 1995. Lux Group LLC was formed to conceptualize, reduce to practice, and fund the development of revolutionary new products. Since its inception it has been an incubator for consumer product development.

About CardLogix Corporation

CardLogix is a full-service card manufacturer and software developer specializing in smart card technology and secure digital technologies for system integrators, governments and businesses around the world. CardLogix sales consultants examine unique needs for card constructions and end-to-end system integrations. CardLogix offers graphic design services for primary card artwork and security graphics, chip embedding, chip initialization and encoding, and graphic personalization options such as serialized laser engraving.

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