CLX Enroll Biometrics (Enroll, Verify with AFIS & ABIS, and Validate) biometric users information

CLX Enroll Biometrics (Enroll, Verify with AFIS & ABIS, and Validate) biometric users information


  • Instant Biometric Enrollment application with 45 of the most enrollment fields pre defined
  • No Custom Programming to start to enroll:
    • Picture format similar to the ICAO standard
    • Signature capture with dedicated signature pad for digital signatures
    • Customizable enrollment fields and easy to configure
    • Data saved to an XML file for easy viewing and export to issuance software
    • Database structure for easy enrollment review
    • Biometric information (Face, Iris, and Fingerprint) verified through AFIS and ABIS
    • Instant secure credential creation with our IDBX biometric solution
  • Data can also be imported and modified for users information validation
  • Available in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, German and Arabic)
  • User-Friendly Point-and-Click & Drag-and-Drop Interface
  • Cornerstone to the idblox™ ID Credential Ecosystem
  • Custom Software Options Available
  • Perfect enrollment software for our Card Encoding Engine and IDBX solution
  • Purchase today and enroll right away!


CardLogix Enrollment software, CLX Enroll Biometric, is our latest application that provide organizations (governmental, private or public) with an application designed to record the individual information easily and quickly without the need for costly development.

The software allows users to enroll a person personal information (name, address, location, etc..), capture the face, iris and fingerprint (both photo or biometric templates), and signature to complete the person enrollment.  The software, at the time of enrollment, verifies if the user biometric information is already stored into the database with our Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and or the Automatic Biometric Identification System (ABIS).  This way, all users are unique in the stored database and no one can enroll themselves under different personal information.  The user information is then stored into a database (locally or remotely) as desired.

The software has 45 of the most used enrollment fields for credentials, ID’s, documents, driver license, voting cards, forms, etc…and more fields can be added if required (for a small fee).

Each field can be selected to be:

  1. Required (with a green circle)
  2. Optional (with a yellow circle)
  3. Not present (a red circle)

The enrollment data is saved as an XML file and can be viewed through a database (Access, Excel or SQL).  The enrolled data can be managed, by the user, and can be verified or changed as needed.  The enrollment data can be sent to an issuance application (Cardlogix Card Encoding Engine (CEE) for example) to design, print and encode (if a chip is selected) to create a secure credential.

If requested, CardLogix enrollment software can be customized to the customer needs.  The software comes in 5 languages, out of the box (English, Spanish, French, German and Arabic).

This application can also be incorporated into our IDBX Instant Secure Credential issuance system for a standardized issuance project and our application is fully compatible with our Mobile biometric enrollment, verification (AFIS & ABIS), validation system called the BIOSID™ PRO.

Our CLX Enroll Biometric is also part of our  idblox™ ID Credential Ecosystem which allows this enrollment application to be used with other partners applications.

Our CLX Enroll Biometric uses equipment from:

CMITECH for the face and iris capture

Secugen or Thales Dactyscan84C for the fingerprint capture

Topaz for the capture the signature

Standard and Custom Options are available for the CLX Enroll Biometric application.

Volume discount is available

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