Contactless Memory Cards

Suitable for building access, transportation, purse/wallet, and stored value applications.

Call for Price +1.949.380.1312


CardLogix Part Number Chip Type User Memory EEPROM I/O
CLXRN004KP3 Atmel CryptoMemory AT88SC0404CRF 1/2k Bytes 14443B
CLXRN008KN3 NXP MIFARE Classic 1K MF1ICS50 1k Bytes 14443A
CLXRN032KN4 NXP MIFARE Classic 4K MF1ICS70 4k Bytes 14443A
CLXRN032KN5ED NXP MIFARE Classic DESFire MF3ICD40 4k Bytes 14443A
CLXRN064KP7 Atmel CryptoMemory AT88SC6416CRF 8k Bytes 14443B
CLXRN128KP8 Atmel CryptoMemory AT88SC12816CRF 16k Bytes 14443B
CLXRN512UN1 NXP MIFARE Ultralight MF01CU1 64 Bytes 14443A
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