Matica S5200LX Card Laser Engraving Issuance System

Matica S5200LX Card Laser Engraving Issuance System


  • 1200 dpi resolution
  • 20W Fiber laser GEN2
  • Up to 2000 card per hour (cph)
  • 600 Card feeder + 600 Card stacker
  • MaticardPro software
  • SAMLight lasering software


  • Laser security options: CLI/MLI marking
  • 4x SMARTWARE smart card encoding (contact/contactless)
  • High speed Rinas magnetic stripe encoder
  • External filtration system

Call for Pricing +1.949.380.1312


S5200LX – Matica’s desktop laser engraver

The Matica S5200LX desktop laser engraver is the only industrial solution in the market for card engraving with laser technology for low to mid volume issuance and special applications. The system offers the best mix of card production features for demanding applications such as engraving of banking and display cards, personalization of ID or driving licenses as well as metal cards. The state of the art laser source and the dual module architecture allows to fulfill the most demanding requirements in terms of flexibility, performances, quality of engraving and handling of delicate or specialty cards.

Add flexibility with the S5200LX desktop laser engraver

The S5200LX is targeted to support issuance projects for low to mid volumes of specialty cards. Thanks to the latest laser technology employed, the engraving capabilities ensure excellent performances in quality and process speed on most materials used for standard and special applications, including PVC and PVH to polycarbonate, and ABS to coated metal. The S5200LX engraving features are made for demanding requirements in financial issuance – complying with all applicable standards – and for ID and government cards, providing excellent grey scale for photos, security features and high resolution graphics.

Special applications

The S5200LX desktop laser engraver is designed to meet the growing demands of emerging issuance applications in and for

  • Financial card programs with display and chip cards with embossing limitations
  • Metal coated and composite PVC/metal cards for prestige financial schemes
  • Back office issuance or low volume ID cards
  • Driving licenses or car registration documents
  • Special series of SIM cards
  • Decentralized issuance debit or credit cards

Card encoding

With the S5200 you can add contact and contactless smart card encoding station or a multi-card SMARTWARE 4 x station encoder. For magnetic stripe encoding, Matica offer a top-of-the-line high speed Rinas encoder.

S5200LX – a laser engraver that lasts

The fiber-based laser source has an incredible long lasting lifetime of 100.000 hours, a scalable investment with an affordable total cost of ownership. The compact footprint allows mobility to reallocate and fit in any bureau environment. No other industrial laser engraving solution in the market offers the same profit-ratio in terms of capital expenditure, features, performance and manageability.

MaticardPro Software

MaticardPro, is Matica Windows-based card design software, providing an efficient and user-friendly interface between the operator and the system. MaticardPro offers a card layout editor with card management and production capabilities, all in a single integrated package that is at the same time very versatile in its functions and easy to use for production staff. MaticardPro is PCI/DSS V3 compliant.


  • 20W Fiber laser GEN2
  • Metal coated and composite PVC/metal cards for prestige financial schemes
  • Able to laser PVC, PVH, composite, Polycarbonate, ABS and PET cards
  • 600 Card feeder + 600 Card stacker with reject card tray
  • Visual Security Elements (VSE) such as Multiple Laser Images (MLI) and Changeable Laser Images (CLI)
  • 1600 dpi laser engraving
  • TRIPODE (patent-pending) frictionless card transportation system
  • High reliability
  • Up to 2000 cards per hour
  • Protected marking chamber with inspection window
  • Optional SMARTWARE multiple contact, contactless and dual-interface smart card encoders
  • Optional high speed Rinas magnetic stripe encoder (magstripe)
  • Optional External filtration system
  • MaticardPro card production software, PCI-DSS V3 compliant
  • SAMLight lasering software


Laser Module Options

Part Nos Description MSRP / USD
PR10101011 CLI (Changable Laser Image) and MLI (Multiple Laser Image) Functionality Call
PR10101012 Laser Vision Registration X,Y,Ɵ Call
PR10101013 Laser Vision Validation Call
PR10101014 External Vacuum System / Filter (Air Filtering System Acc) Call
Rinas Magnetic Stripe Encoder Call
4 x SMARTWARE Contact and Contactless Smart Card Encoder Call

Support & Downloads

Matica S5200LX Laser Engraving Datasheet

Matica Government Personalization Solutions

SMARTWARE Smart Card Encoders Datasheet

SAMLight Laser Engraving Software Manual






Metal card laser engraving




  • Up to 2000 cards per hour (cph)
  • Recommended operating time: 8 hours/day

Base Machine

  • 600-card feeder + 600 card stacker with reject card tray
  • LX laser station with open frame transport for dual-side marking
  • MaticardPro production SW License


  • Rinas HiCo / LoCo magnetic stripe card encoding
  • Single smart card encoding station
  • Multi-station (up to 4) SMARTWARE contactless and contact smart card encoder
  • Floor standing cabinet

Card Types

Laser resolution

  • 300 dpi to 1600 dpi. High quality gray scale for ID pictures


  • Vector laser and true type

Laser Station

  • 20W Fiber laser GEN2
  • Protected marking chamber with inspection window

Laser security options

  • Visual Security Elements (VSE)
  • – CLI/MLI visual security options
  • – MSPI™ (Matica Secure Protected Image) -needs vision option
  • – Tactile effect
  • Vision: offset registration
  • Vision: MRZ reading


  • SAMLight SCAPS laser marking software for laser layout creation
  • MaticardPro card production software, PCI-DSS V3 compliant
  • Smartcard SDK
  • Supported OS: Windows 7,Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Communication Interface

  • USB 2.0 – Ethernet

Dimensions &Weight

  • L x W x H: 1,050 x 550 x 700 mm (41’’ x 22’’ x 28’’)
  • Approximately 57 kg (depending on config.)

Electrical Requirements

  • Auto-switching internal power supply: Input 100-240 volts AC
  • 50-60Hz – 600W (depending on config.)


  • 2 years (or 1,000,000 cards, whichever comes first)

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