Securion Basic Printer & Laminator


Securion Basic Printer & Laminator


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Dual-Sided High Security ID Card Laminator and Card Printer

  • Dual-Sided Laminator and Printer with Flip-Over Station
  • Chip Encoding for Contactless and Contact Smart Cards
  • 300 USB & Ethernet TCP-IP connection
  • Kensington® Locking System and Password Protection
  • 16 MB RAM Allowing 2 Card Storages Front & Back
  • 100 Card Input/ Output Hopper
  • Reject box for 15 cards
  • Two-line LCD display and a status LED

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Evolis Securion ID card printer lamination ribbon

Securion is an intelligent choice for high security direct-to-card lamination, security graphic printing and smart card encoding. Card lamination by Securion increases the protection, durability, and quality of secured ID badges, access control badges, and fraud-proof ID smart cards. Securion is a powerful and high performance printer that can be combined with any encoding technology at affordable prices. Its ease of use, speed, and premium printing capabilities make this printer the fool-proof solution to any security and printing concern.

High Performance and Printing Quality

Securion is a powerful card laminator printer that can deliver results rapidly without sacrificing quality. Professional edge-to-edge and dual-sided printing of high-definition images and graphics with 300 dpi resolution make Securion the leader of high quality printing and lamination in the market. This is all performed at an impressive speed of up to 120 single-sided cards/hour for YMCK + 1.0 mil single sided patch and up to 105 cards dual-sided/hour for YMCK-K + 1.0 mil single-sided patch.

Complete Smart ID Card Personalization and Issuance Machine

The Securion printer combines every feature a user needs to issue high quality ID cards for applications that require high security and robust durability, such as government ID programs, civil ID, driver’s licenses, and secure access control badges. In one ID card printer, the Securion provides both color and monochrome printing, card lamination, magnetic stripe (magstripe) encoding, smart contact (smart card) and contactless chip encoding, and a flip station for both dual-sided card lamination and dual-sided printing. The Securion can handle all lamination, printing and encoding requirements in one pass, making card issuance an efficient, hands-free process.

Intuitive LCD and Color Led Printer Management

Status updates for the printer and the lamination station are shown on a two-line LCD screen. The on-screen menu grants instant access to a range of settings and data related to the operation and maintenance of the printer. If an action is required, the operator immediately sends a signal for notification. The two-color LED alerts the user instantly using two colors of communication. The green light implies that the printer is operating normally. The red light implies that there is some kind of alert or error. The LCD screen and the Color LED combined with other helpful features make using Securion an intuitive process.

Printer Access Control with Password Protection and Kensington® Locking System

Securion is built for high security applications, whereby security begins at card issuance. In order to control access to the printer’s components, Securion is equipped with a centralized key lock that prevents unauthorized access to ribbon, film and cards. The Kensington® lock system fastens the printer to your workstation. And to prevent unauthorized access to the printer itself, Securion features a logic-based security with password protection.

Premium Lamination and Holograms for Increased Security and Durability

The Securion offers clear and holographic polyester laminates to create an extra layer of protection against damage and distortion of data on photo ID cards and smart cards. Evolis’ premium quality holographic ribbons make card duplication a significantly more difficult task, thereby preventing fake identification. The lamination ribbon not only increases the card’s security, it also improves durability and the life span of each card, saving costs in the long run.

For additional layers of security, jump start your ID card program with a ReadyStart™ Secure Card or Holofoil Card, which are pre-printed PVC cards ready to be personalized and laminated with your Securion ID card printer.

Smart Card and Magnetic stripe Encoding

Securion can be combined with any encoding technology to increase security and protection for the cards, materials and user access. Encoding technologies include magnetic stripe (magstripe), contact chip encoding, and contactless (RFID) chip encoding. The Securion’s embedded encoders provide solutions for all types of card applications, whether they need a contactless interface for access control systems or a contact smart card for large transactions of data and value.

See CardLogix’ M.O.S.T. Card® C Series for an Affordable, High-Security and Multi-Functional Smart Card Solution.

Rapid Smart Card and eID Card Personalization—The Card Encoding Engine™

The Securion benefits from an innovative solution for easy and rapid smart card personalization and electronic chip encoding—The Card Encoding Engine™. The Card Encoding Engine is the only printer software solution available that enables instant chip encoding for contact and contactless smart cards without requiring any programming. The Securion is also supported by the idblox™ Smart Card Ecosystem, which enables the fastest, easiest and most affordable development of microprocessor-based smart cards today.

For rapid and flexible chip encoding, pair your Securion card printer with the Printplex® Smart Card Encoder and The Card Encoding Engine—No Programming Required.

Easy to Operate and Maintain

Securion offers easy access to all the printer modules in order to make operation and maintenance an easy task. This includes loading cards and adjusting thickness as well as cleaning printers and changing ribbons. An easy-to-load cassette is also shipped with the printer to enable the operator to install laminate films in a snap.



SEC101RBH Securion Basic Printer & Laminator MSRP $6,490
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SEC101RBH-B Securion Mag ISO Printer & Laminator with Dual HiCo/LoCo Magnetic stripe Card Encoder MSRP $6,950
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SEC101RBH-0S Securion Smart Printer & Laminator w/Smart Card Contact Station MSRP $6,790
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SEC101RBH-0ELY Securion Smart Contactless Printer & Laminator with a smart card contact station, a contactless antenna and an Evolis-SCM dual chip encoder, Ethernet and USB, USB driven encoder MSRP $7,465
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SEC101RBH-0CCM Securion Smart & Contactless with Dual Chip Encoder Printer with Smart Contact Station, Contactless Antenna, Dual Chip Encoder, USB driven encoder MSRP $7,590
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SEC101RBH-BELY Securion Mag ISO Smart Contactless Printer & Laminator with dual HiCo/LoCo magnetic stripe (magstripe) encoder, Smart card contact station, a contactless antenna and an Evolis-SCM dual chip encoder, Ethernet and USB, USB driven encoder MSRP $7,925
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SEC101RBH-BCCM Securion Mag ISO, Smart & Contactless with Dual Chip Encoder Printer with Dual HiCo/LoCo Magnetic stripe Card Encoder, Smart Contact Station, Contactless Antenna, Dual Chip Encoder, USB driven encoder MSRP $8,050
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Did you know that smart card and other eID card encoding can be executed faster and easier than ever before? CardLogix and partners have revolutionized the smart card development and personalization process.

Learn more at and Card Encoding Engine™.


  • Color printing module and laminating unit
  • 301 dpi print head (11.8 dots/mm)
  • 300 USB&Ethernet TCP-IP connection
  • 16 MB RAM allowing two card storages (front&back)
  • Flip-over station for dual-sided printing or laminating
  • Detachable feeder with a capacity of 100 cards (0.76 mm or 30 mil)
  • Output hopper with a capacity of 100 cards (0.76 mm or 30 mil)
  • Reject box for 15 cards (0.76 mm or 30 mil)
  • Two-line LCD display and a status LED
  • Locking system to secure access to blank cards, ribbons, films and rejected cards
  • Support for a Kensington® locking system
Technical Specifications
  • Color dye sublimation and monochrome thermal transfer
  • Enhanced color management system for top quality pictures
  • Dual-sided and edge-to-edge printing
  • Full card varnish and patch films
  • Dual-sided lamination
  • Speed range: 2 mm/s to 18 mm/s (0.08 inch/s to 0.71 inch/s)
  • Temperature range: 100°C to 180°C (212°F to 356°F)
  • Personalization throughput will depend on card design and lamination speed settings
  • YMCK-K, 1.0 mil patch single-side – 85 to 105 cards/hour
  • YMCK, 1.0 mil patch single-side – 95 to 120 cards/hour
  • Windows™ 7 (32&64 bits), XP and Vista (32&64 bits)
  • Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2000 drivers available upon request – depending on system configuration
  • Mac OS X
  • Use Evolis Genuine products for best performance and extended lifespan of your printer Printer, lamination module, print head, and lamination hot roller: a 2-year warranty with a maximum of 100 000 inserted cards, whichever comes first*
  • All PVC, Composite PVC cards
  • ISO CR-80 – ISO 7810 (53.98 mm x 85.60 mm – 3.375″ x 2.125″)
  • From 0.25 mm (10 mil) to 1 mm (40 mil) – No lamination under 0.50 mm (20 mil), recommended from 0.76 mm (30 mil min.)
  • 100 cards (0.76 mm – 30 mil)
  • 100 cards (0.76 mm – 30 mil)
  • Without card hopper: L 562.7 mm x W 262.16 mm x H 274.64 mm (L 22.15″ x W 10.32″ x H 10.81″)
  • With card hopper: L 658.2 mm x W 262.16 mm x H 274.64 mm (L 25.91″ x W 10.32″ x H 10.81″)
  • 15.4 Kg (33.15 Lbs)
  • USB and Ethernet ports (USB Cable supplied)
  • Power supply : 100-240 Volts AC, 2A, 50-60 Hertz
  • Printer : 24Volts DC, 6.25A
  • Min/Max operating temperature: 15° / 30°C (59° / 86° F)
  • Humidity: 20% to 65% non-condensing
  • Min/Max storage temperature: -5° / +70°C (23° / 158° F)
  • Storage humidity: 20% to 70% non-condensing
  • Operating ventilation: free air


CardLogix solutions and the Evolis Securion ID card printer unite to provide endless application opportunities. From professional looking business cards to high security national ID programs, security access control systems and secure payment plans, the Securion can do it all. CardLogix provides high quality plastic cards with combination magnetic stripe (magstripe), contact and contactless smart card options to meet any of your card application’s security and functionality needs. With The Card Encoding Engine™, smart card encoding and card personalization can now be done faster and easier than ever before—without requiring the user to undergo any programming. The CardLogix M.O.S.T. Card® family provides affordable smart cards that range from 4k bytes of user memory to 144k bytes with advanced security features and multiple on-card application capabilities.

Applications Include:

Gaming, Casinos and Hotel Casinos

Player’s Card: Player Tracking, TITO Replacement, Physical Access, and Secure Online Gaming—All On One Card!

School Campuses

Multi-application ID Cards for Room Access, Meal Plans, Time & Attendance, Test Taking and More

  • Student Identification
  • Teacher Identification
  • Staff Identification
  • Visitor Identification
  • Time and Attendance
  • Test Taking
  • Library Cards
  • Meal Plans and School Merchandise Purchase

High-Security Identification and Card Authentication

ID Cards for Government and Enterprises—Identification and Physical and Logical Access Control Systems

  • Voter ID
  • Civil ID
  • National ID
  • Visitor ID/ Alien ID
  • Employee ID
  • Physical Access Control Systems
  • Logical Access and Single Sign On

Healthcare Management and EHR

Multi-functional ID Cards for Staff and Patients