Zenius Classic Base Model, USB - Fire Red - ZN1U0000RS

Compact, Lightweight, and Silent ID Card Printer

Evolis Zenius Classic Base Model, USB – Fire Red – ZN1U0000RS


  • Lightweight, compact and silent
  • Contemporary design
  • Single-sided color and monochrome printing
  • Single-card feed mode
  • 50-card capacity input hopper
  • LED display
  • 2-year printer and printhead warranty
  • Included Cardpresso XXS lite (licensed software)


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Zenius Classic by Evolis is a contemporary, lightweight and compact plastic ID card printer for premium quality graphic printing on single-sided cards in monochrome or color. Zenius Classic is the optimal desktop printer for personalizing photo ID badges and other plastic cards that do not require magnetic or electronic encoding (smart cards) or an Ethernet connection. Zenius Classic is fast, silent and eco-friendly, while adding a decorative touch due to its modern design. Zenius Classic leverages quick and easy installation, intuitive and easy-to-use operational features, and easy access to Evolis High Trust consumables.

Compact, Silent, and Eco-friendly

The Zenius Classic printer is designed with mobility and environmental concerns in mind. With its cool contemporary design, the printer can add an esthetic touch to your office décor. Zenius performs quietly so that you and people around you will not be disturbed by any noise. Zenius is also compact, and it is the lightest printer in its category, weighing in at 7.3 lbs, allowing the printer to be transferred to different locations, comfortably. Zenius has earned the coveted ENERGY STAR certification compliant with the reduced energy consumption guidelines from the ErP European directive.

User-Friendly Operational Features

Every card personalization and printing step has been simplified with an array of advanced features creating a smart and easy-to-use ID card printer. User-friendly features include a front-loading card feeder and output tray with top-loading ribbon, a manual feeder, and an LED control panel for easy assistance. In addition, the ribbon includes an integrated chip to identify the ribbon type in order to configure the settings automatically, and the included easy-to-use Evolis Premium Suite® for Windows driver and printer manager makes an issuer’s job a breeze. The Evolis Premium Suite® and the Evolis High Trust® range of consumables were all designed with convenience and sophistication in mind.

Advanced Printer Firmware and Premium ID Badging Consumables

Evolis Premium Suite® software supplies the printing status, print center, and configuration system that monitor all communication and protocol between the ID badge issuer and the printer. Pop-up notifications regarding printer status, ribbon availability and maintenance tasks are all included. The card printer user also has the ability to manage the printer’s operation from the user’s interface. Evolis High Trust® range of ribbons and consumables delivers premium graphics while being especially easy to use. Installing the ribbon cassette is a simple one-step process. Due to a special chip, Zenius instantly identifies the ribbon type and configures all settings accordingly.


Zenius Classic Includes:

  • Trial version of eMedia CS Standard software
  • 2-year warranty
ZN1U0000RS Zenius Classic Base Model, USB – Fire Red MSRP $1,490
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ZN1U0000TS Zenius Classic Base Model – Brown MSRP $1,490
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Note: Zenius Classic cannot be upgraded to include magnetic, contact (magstripe), or contactless smart card encoding. If you think your application may require magnetic or electronic encoding in the future, you may want to try the Zenius Expert Base Model which can be upgraded and configured at any time to meet evolving encoding needs.

Smart card and other eID card encoding can be executed faster and easier than ever before. CardLogix and partners have revolutionized the smart card development and personalization process.

Learn more at www.idblox.com and Card Encoding Engine™.


Technical Specifications
  • Single-sided printing module, edge-to-edge printing
  • Color-dye sublimation and monochrome thermal transfer
  • 300 dpi print head (11.8 dots/mm)
  • 301 16 MB of RAM
  • Color printing: 120—150 cards/hour
  • Monochrome printing: 400—500 cards/hour
  • Supplied with the eMedia CS Card Designer
  • Evolis Premium Suite® for Windows:
    • Printer driver
    • Evolis Print Center for printer management and setup
    • Evolis Printer Manager for two-way notifications (Requires .net 4.0 client profile)
  • Supports Windows XP SP2 or later; Vista 32/64, W7 32/64 (For versions prior to Windows XP-SP2, please contact Evolis Services)
  • Supports Windows XP SP2 or later; Vista 32/64, W7 32/64 (For versions prior to Windows XP-SP2, please contact Evolis Services)
  • Other OS: Mac and Linux: upon request
  • LEDs
  • Graphic notifications: Empty feeder, cleaning, “approaching end-of-ribbon” and “end-of-ribbon” warnings
  • 50 cards
  • 20 cards
  • All PVC, Composite PVC, PET, ABS* and special varnish* cards
  • Thickness: 0.25 to 0.76 mm, calibration via the gauge
  • ISO CR-80 — ISO 7810 (53.98mm x 85.6mm)
  • CD-ROM with printer driver and user manual
  • Cleaning kit
  • USB cable
  • 3.3 kg (7.3 lbs)
  • (H x L x W) 195mm x 205mm x 310mm
  • Support for Kensington® lock
  • Data encryption for magnetic encoding (Expert version or above)
  • Not Applicable with Zenius Classic
  • Power supply: 100–240 V AC, 50–60 Hz, 1.8 A
  • Printer: 24 V DC, 3 A
  • USB only for Classic version
  • USB and Ethernet for Expert version and above
  • Arial 100, Arial Bold 100
  • 2-year warranty (includes printer and printhead)
  • Min/max operating temperature 15° / 30°C (59° / 86°F)
  • Humidity 20% to 65% non-condensing
  • Min/max storage temperature -5° / +70°C (23° / 158°F)
  • Storage humidity 20 to 70% non-condensing
  • Operating ventilation: Open air
  • Sound pressure level, LpAm bystander position (YMCKO color mode)
  • (Evaluated according to the ISO 7779 Standard)
  • Sleep mode and reduced energy consumption
  • ErP 2009/125/CE, ENERGY STAR, RoHS


CardLogix solutions and the Evolis Zenius Classic ID card printer unite to provide endless application opportunities. From professional looking business cards to high security national ID programs, security access control systems and secure payment plans, the Zenius Classic can do it all. CardLogix provides high quality plastic cards with combination magnetic stripe (magstripe), contact and contactless smart card options to meet any of your card application’s security and functionality needs. With The Card Encoding Engine™, smart card encoding and card personalization can now be done faster and easier than ever before—without requiring the user to undergo any programming. The CardLogix M.O.S.T. Card® family provides affordable smart cards that range from 4k bytes of user memory to 144k bytes with advanced security features and multiple on-card application capabilities.

Applications Include:

Gaming, Casinos and Hotel Casinos

Player’s Card: Player Tracking, TITO Replacement, Physical Access, and Secure Online Gaming — All On One Card!

School Campuses

Multi-application ID Cards for Room Access, Meal Plans, Time & Attendance, Test Taking and More

  • Student Identification
  • Teacher Identification
  • Staff Identification
  • Visitor Identification
  • Time and Attendance
  • Test Taking
  • Library Cards
  • Meal Plans and School Merchandise Purchase

High-Security Identification and Card Authentication

ID Cards for Government and Enterprises—Identification and Physical and Logical Access Control Systems

  • Voter ID
  • Civil ID
  • National ID
  • Visitor ID/ Alien ID
  • Employee ID
  • Physical Access Control Systems
  • Logical Access and Single Sign On

Healthcare Management and EHR

Multi-functional ID Cards for Staff and Patients


Identify What Matters

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