HONG KONG, 03 Apr, 2020 – Advanced Card Systems Ltd. (ACS), Asia Pacific’s top supplier and one of the world’s top 3 suppliers of PC-linked smart card readers (Source: Frost & Sullivan), becomes the first in the world to provide a Visa Contactless Transit Kernel Specification v1.0.2 (VCTKS) certified transit terminal, ACR330.

VISA releases a new specification, VCTKS, to define the functionalities applying to contactless kernels implemented in the transit payment ecosystem in December 2019. VCTKS replaces Visa ODA for qVSDC Online Specification (VOQOS) and becomes a new standard to verify a Visa-approved or Visa-compliant transit terminal. ACS appointed the Applus+ IT laboratory in Shanghai, China, to conduct the testing of VCTKS for ACR330 and passed the testing, endorsing ACR330 is the first VCTKS-compliant transit terminal in the world.

The Mass Transit Transaction (MTT) and the Known Fare Transaction (KFT) are of paramount importance transit models to VCTKS. VCTKS outlines the requirements and recommendations to provide either a MTT or a KFT Visa-compliant transit terminal, which ACR330 can perfectly perform. The corresponding ACR330 SDK is also available on ACS.

This is a great example of anticipating the expansion of contactless payments in transit and demonstrating ACS’s determination of providing the advanced technology to customers. ACS will continue striving for excellence bringing the best of smart card technology to the world.

About ACS

Advanced Card Systems Ltd. (ACS), founded in 1995, is Asia Pacific’s top supplier and one of the world’s top 3 suppliers of PC-linked smart card readers. ACS is the winner of the Product Quality Leadership Award for Smart Card Readers from Frost & Sullivan. In 2010, 2014 and 2015, ACS was listed in Forbes Asia’s “Best Under a Billion” list, an inter-industry list comprised of 200 top-performing publicly listed companies in the Asia-Pacific, with sales between US$5 million and US$1 billion. ACS develops a wide range of high quality smart card reading/writing devices, smart cards and related products and distributes them to over 100 countries worldwide. Visit ACS at https://www.acs.com.hk/.

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