CHICAGO, IL–(April 7, 2008) – Aladdin Knowledge Systems (NASDAQ: ALDN), an information security leader specializing in authentication, software DRM and content security, today announced the general availability of the Aladdin eToken NG-FLASH 72K, the first product that combines the features of a USB encrypted flash drive and a unique, open Java Card technology with an advanced smart card for the most secure strong authentication.

Eliminating the need for separate tokens for access and storage, Aladdin eToken NG-FLASH 72K (see accompanying photo) combines up to four gigabytes of encrypted storage, and significantly more FLASH memory, with smart card authentication technology to provide a unified secure, portable solution. Using eToken NG-FLASH 72K, users are now able to securely carry critical information, authenticate, develop and access files and applications from any computer — increasing productivity without compromising data security. Aladdin’s innovative open Java Card technology enables customers to future-proof their investment with all the features of eToken in one standardized platform.

Aladdin eToken NG-FLASH 72K allows users to carry their network, application, and Web credentials together with their digital certificates and encryption keys — all on-board the secured smartcard chip within Aladdin’s patented and certified USB device. All Aladdin eToken smartcards are now offered using the Java Card platform, providing enhanced security and customization to Aladdin’s USB-based smartcard for strong authentication.

Java Platform Offers Ultimate Flexibility for Enterprises

Aladdin’s mix-and-match family of eToken authentication solutions now delivers increased control and customization to meet the latest organizational needs and propel future innovation, including complete portability and easy adaptation to various scenarios and applications through the development and customization of Java applets. An included Aladdin eToken Java software developer kit (SDK) also allows users to create and load their own Java applets on board the token for custom applications and expanded functionality. User-customized tokens allow businesses to swiftly address application needs, giving employees the tools they need for enhanced productivity.

The Aladdin eToken devices based on Java Card technology feature increased memory for enhanced storage of data and credentials, an extendable platform for a customized user experience, and enhanced support utilizing the new Aladdin-controlled operating system. Java Card-based Aladdin eToken devices are highly standardized, using a Java Virtual Machine that is fully compatible with the Sun Java standard. Aladdin eToken solutions, including Aladdin eToken NG-FLASH 72K, provide businesses a means to comply with increasing data security regulations, including SOX, HIPPA and PCI DSS.

“Aladdin eToken NG-FLASH coupled with our new Java Card technology clearly illustrates Aladdin’s mission to provide products that not only improve security, but improving business by allowing them to customize their Aladdin eToken usage as needed,” said Shlomi Yanai, vice president of Aladdin eToken. “Aladdin eToken NG-FLASH is practically a mobile office, giving users all the benefits of strong authentication, including secure access, digital signing and VPN, as well as secure access to materials and programs anytime, anywhere.”

Aladdin’s certified smartcard devices with Java Card technology enable a plug-and-play user experience, supporting Microsoft CCID interface, with the simple installation of the Aladdin eToken Minidriver. No additional driver is needed. Aladdin eToken devices are now available with expanded 72K memory and Java Card platform, including eToken PRO, eToken PRO Smartcard, and eToken NG-FLASH.

About Aladdin eToken

Aladdin eToken is the world leader for USB-based authentication solutions. eToken provides strong user authentication and cost-effective password management solutions, enabling secure network access, improved data security through enhanced encryption and digital signing, as well as compliance with a wide range of regulatory requirements worldwide. Visit

About Aladdin

Aladdin Knowledge Systems’ Software Rights Management products are the #1 choice of software developers and publishers to protect intellectual property, increase revenues, and reduce losses from software piracy. Aladdin eToken is the world’s #1 USB-based authentication solution. The Aladdin eSafe secure Web gateway provides the most advanced protection against the latest Web-based threats and attacks. Aladdin has offices in 12 countries, a worldwide network of channel partners, and has won numerous awards for innovation. For more information, visit the Aladdin Web site at

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