Jun 24nd, 2005 — EXTON, Pa. — Datastrip’s new DSVII-SC handheld biometric identification terminal takes identity verification out of the police station and onto the street, providing a wireless fingerprint capture and matching solution that can be used for mobile Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) and a variety of other in-the-field law enforcement applications. The device enables officers to quickly screen suspects against any fingerprint database at traffic stops and other field encounters without returning to headquarters.

Slightly larger than a PDA but far more powerful, the DSVII-SC features a built-in 500 dpi fingerprint sensor with a large color transflective 240 x 320 pixel touch screen display that is readable in direct sunlight or low-light conditions. The unit also integrates a smart card reader for reading smart card-based identity documents such as Common Access Cards (CAC) and Transportation Worker ID Cards (TWIC). Barcode and magnetic stripe reading for machine-readable driver’s licenses and other documents are optional.

Key advantages include a special ergonomic design for easy one-handed operation, an SH4 RISC processor that provides the horsepower required for fast biometric matching as well as more complex applications, easy Windows CE-based custom application development, and a broad range of choices in biometric and communication systems to allow use by agencies with any kind of infrastructure.

The DSVII-SC can utilize any of the leading fingerprint algorithms, including those from Cogent Systems, NEC, Motorola’s Printrak, Identix and Bioscrypt. It can transmit the biometric information directly to the jurisdiction’s server via GSM, GPRS, CDMA or most digital cellular networks. It can also transmit locally to a patrol car via 802.11 or Bluetooth(R) or hardwire via USB, serial or Ethernet connection.

Multiple Applications
For mobile AFIS applications involving on-the-go identity checks, the unit can capture a digital image of the individual’s fingerprint at any field location and then compare it against AFIS, NCIC, warrant, gang or other databases on the spot. Search results are quickly transmitted to the unit’s display, eliminating trips to the station for fingerprinting. This also ensures that known criminals cannot escape by giving false identities and helps to prevent false arrests.

Other uses include e-citations (using the optional card reader to verify a machine-readable driver’s license and then automatically transferring the demographic information on the license to an e-citation form), wants and warrants (which can be stored in the device’s on-board memory for easy field access), corrections (for identifying jail and prison populations in real time), and first responder applications (for verifying the identity and presence of key officers and individuals in the field).

Portability and Durability
The DSVII-SC is built for maximum performance under rigorous operating conditions. Special features include:

— Lightweight, fully integrated form factor — The base unit weighs approximately two pounds and fits comfortably in one hand. All standard features and most options are integrated into a rugged, impact-resistant case, eliminating the need for plug-in or attached components. An optional dual-grip back with integrated strap and tethered stylus eases single-handed use to ensure officer safety.

— Up to 2.1 GB of local storage — Each unit includes 64 MB of RAM and 128 MB of expandable Flash memory. This permits identity data, wants and warrants, or other information to be stored on the device for fast retrieval on the road and allows new data to be captured for periodic uploading.

— Easy touch screen controls — All commands can be executed from the touch screen, which also has a keypad for entering names, driver’s license numbers and other identifying information. The unit can also be used with a USB or wireless Bluetooth keyboard.

— Long battery life — The DSVII-SC ships with a rechargeable and user-replaceable Li-Polymer battery that provides up to eight hours of normal use, plus an AC adapter/charger. An optional second internal battery extends battery life to 16 hours for officers who do not have ready access to power for recharging. External battery packs and optional auto adapter/chargers are also available.

The DSVII-SC can be configured according to the customer’s needs and is available from Datastrip’s network of VARs and system integrators.

About Datastrip:

Datastrip is a leading manufacturer of ruggedized handhelds in the access control industry, serving customers worldwide with multiple scanning solutions from barcode to proximity and contactless smart card technologies; supporting software for OEMs; and biometric and secure card verification solutions.

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