Orlando, FL, May 19, 1997 – CardLogix, a leading manufacturer of smart cards, announced today its Health Data Card for low-cost, high-density portable storage and access of medical (EMR) and prescription records for patient care. The Health Data Card is a smart card with a storage capacity of 65k Bits, with 128k and 256k Bit versions planned for later this year. The card is designed to be an integral part of a health informatics system that lets healthcare providers, insurers and patients quickly access and update vital data for better care and cost efficiency. CardLogix is introducing the Health Data Card at the CardTech/SecurTech show in Orlando, Fl. at Booth # 129.

The Health Data Card integrates with a PC-based distributed database and multiple smart card readers from companies such as American Magnetics and Innovonics. These card readers can be located everywhere from emergency rooms to insurance offices and are used to read and update card data. The card can access patient facts critical to emergency care, such as blood type and allergies and larger files with more extensive histories, drawn from remote networks.

To ensure system compatibility, CardLogix is partnering with leading medical database developers and integrators to cooperatively provide application assistance, system customization and training for their customers. CardLogix has joined MetaLingual Systems of Cookeville, Tennessee, to offer the Health Data Card in conjunction with MetaLingual’s Clinitran distributed database system. This system is Windows NT-based and makes clinical information more readily accessible, reducing the effort and cost of data entry. The Health Data Card stores the most current segment of a patient record, as well as a directory of where patient information can be found within the local network and with providers outside the network.

Card and database systems such as this are actively used in Europe, where entire countries administrate their healthcare via these technologies. smart cards have also met with great success in serving individual medical needs, such as for dialysis patients who use the card to update records with each visit.

More About the Health Data Card

Included with the Health Data Card is CardLogix Database Management System Software that features on-the-fly data compression, which increases storage capacity by 50 to 70%. The software is provided free of charge with orders of 10,000 pieces or more. The smart card transaction readers that work with the card install through a simple serial (RS232) port into a PC. The CardLogix Health Data Card is available now, with system demonstrations available upon request. For more information, including requirements for becoming a CardLogix integrator or Smart Partner, contact Emil Nastri, vice president of sales at CardLogix (949) 380-1312, sales@cardlogix.com and www.cardlogix.com.

More About CardLogix

CardLogix is a U.S.-based manufacturer of smart cards for a variety of transaction-based industries, including banking and healthcare. Contact CardLogix at 16 Hughes, Suite 100, Irvine, Ca. 92618.

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