Atmel AT88SC153 Secure Memory Smart Card

Atmel AT88SC153 Secure Memory Smart Card

  • Designed for use in prepaid and loyalty smart card applications
  • Low cost secure memory
  • High Reliability
  • Anti-wiretapping configuration
  • Conforms to the ISO 7816-10


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The Atmel AT88SC153 smart card provides a low-cost, synchronous, secure memory integrated circuit with 2,048 bits of serial EEPROM memory organized as one configuration zone of 64 bytes and three user zones of 64 bytes each. This device is optimized as a “secure memory” for multiapplication smart card markets, secure identification for electronic data transfer, or components in a system without the requirement of an internal microprocessor.  Space is provided in the EEPROM memory for manufacturing records for both the smart card manufacturer and card issuer. After personalization, these records, and the state of the bit which enables the Erase Counter function, are locked and protected from modification for the lifetime of the product.

The embedded authentication protocol allows the memory and the host to authenticate each other. When this device is used with a host that incorporates a microcontroller
(e.g., AT89C51, AT89C2051, AT90S1200), the system provides an “anti-wiretapping” configuration. The device and the host exchange “challenges” issued from a random
generator and verify their values through a specific cryptographic function included in each part. When both agree on the same result, the access to the memory is permitted.

The AT88SC153 is manufactured using low-power CMOS technology and features its own internal high-voltage pump for single voltage supply operation. This smart card is guaranteed to 100,000 erase/write cycles and 100 year data retention and endurance up to 100,000.

The AT88SC153 is supported by CardLogix  Smart Toolz™ development kit (SDK), Winplex™ API, and CardAppz™ application software. Each of these APIs also provides added security options for sensitive data.

The AT88SC153 is available in PVC, ABS, PET, Composite, and Polycarbonate ISO 7810, CR-80, SAM/SIM card, and Keychain form factors.


  • One 64 x 8 (512-bit) Configuration Zone
  • Three 64 x 8 (512-bit) User Zones
  • Programmable Chip Select
  • Low-voltage Operation: 2.7V to 5.5V
  • Two-wire Serial Interface
  • 8-byte Page Write Mode
  • Self-timed Write Cycle (10 ms max)
  • Answer-to-reset Register
  • High-security Memory Including Anti-wiretapping
    • 64-bit Authentication Protocol (under exclusive patent license from ELVA)
    • Secure Checksum
    • Configurable Authentication Attempts Counter
    • Two Sets of Two 24-bit Passwords
    • Specific Passwords for Read and Write
    • Four Password Attempts Counters
    • Selectable Access Rights by Zone
  • ISO 7816 Compliant Packaging
  • High Reliability
    • Endurance: 100,000 Cycles
    • Data Retention: 100 Years
    • ESD Protection: 4,000V min
  • Low-power CMOS

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