Corvus Micro Booking Station 

Complete Multi-Modal Biometric Enrollment Kit

Corvus Micro Booking Station 


Biometric Enrollment:

  • Face – ISO/IEC 19794-5
  • Iris – ISO/IEC 19794-6
  • Fingerprint – ISO/IEC 19794-4
  • Signature – Meets NIST EFTS 7.1 & EBTS 1.2

Raven™ software:

  • Export of data in EFT or XML formats
  • Seamless data transfer to the Card Encoding Engine™


  • Rugged Case -lightweight & high impact
  • Iris – ISO/IEC 19794-6
  • Laptop (Netbook) -Intel Atom GHz processor
  • Cables, power supplies, backup battery


The Micro Booking Station (MBS) is a lightweight and portable biometric identity solution for frontline enrollment of personnel, including government employees, voters, travelers, first responders, and criminal suspects. The MBS is a standalone and complete identity enrollment system in a compact carrying case, for mobile and responsive ID enrollment. Items include the VistaFA2 Iris & Face Camera, choice of fingerprint scanner with smart card reader/writer, signature pad, small laptop computer loaded with Raven™ Biometric Enrollment software, and accessories.

Compact, Rugged and Portable

The Micro Booking Station is a complete biometric enrollment and verification solution neatly organized into a compact, lightweight and rugged case. The case is built with a durable plastic material to withstand high impact, keeping all components safe from damage on the inside. The inside of the case is designed with designated slots to securely fit each of the MBS components. Altogether, the case, with all components inside, weighs a mere 15 lbs (7.2 kg.) or less. At a length of 1.7 ft., 1.3 ft. width, and 0.5 ft depth (0.5 x 0.4 x 0.14m), the fully loaded case is easily transportable to wherever your biometric enrollment and/or verification application takes you next.

High Quality Iris Scanner & Face Camera

The Micro Booking Station kit comes with the VistaFA2 Iris Scanner & Face Camera. The VistaFA2 is a complete multimodal biometric camera, based on Vista Imaging’s powerful & proven ViCAM®III Digital Imaging Engine, which captures high quality, ISO/IEC 19794-5/6 face and iris images. Multi wavelength infra-red illumination, integrated flash, intelligent distance sensing technology, and operational feedback features improve image quality and provide unique auto-acquisition capabilities. Its compact, lightweight design and high reliability make this camera a perfect addition to the Micro Booking Station kit.

Integrated Smart Card Reader and Fingerprint Scanner

The combined fingerprint scanner and smart card reader allows for multi-functionality within this kit. Use the fingerprint scanner to initially enroll fingerprint data into the Raven™ Biometric Enrollment Software. The smart card reader component is used when it comes time to authenticate the card holder’s identity, and when verifying that the biometric data stored on the card matches any new data from the fingerprint scanner. The Micro Booking Station is designed to work with both optical and solid state (capacitive) fingerprint scanning technologies. Depending on your application, choose from one of the fingerprint + smart card scanners under the options tab that best suits your needs.

Seamless Data Enrollment and Smart Card Personalization

The Micro Booking Station is powered by Corvus Integration’s Raven™ Software for unlimited biometric enrollment support and biometric matching capabilities. The data is seamlessly transferred from Raven software to the Card Encoding Engine™ Card Personalization Software for immediate in-line chip encoding onto a smart card. Combining smart card technology with biometrics provides the strongest method of verification and authentication of the cardholder’s identity while securely storing and protecting private data.

Seamlessly transfer your biometric data to the Card Encoding Engine™ from CardLogix for the fastest and easiest in-line personalization of smart cards – no programming required.