The BIOSID PRO is a biometric enrollment, validation (AFIS) and verification tablet with the capability to store and verify the enrollee information on a smart card, on the cloud, or through the device regardless of if it is connected to the internet or as a stand-alone application.

Irvine, CA. Nov 3rd 2021 — CardLogix, an expert in biometric and secure smart card applications solutions is introducing the BIOSID PRO. This mobile device has the ability to enroll, validate (through the AFIS algorithm) and verify the user’s biometric information (fingerprints, face and iris) of any users regardless of their location, connectivity and environment. Built to withstand any environments, with its IP65 certification, the BIOSID PRO was design to allow to enroll and verify individuals outside of an office environment. It can be connected to the internet, through WiFi, BLE, LAN (with its RJ45 jack) or Global GSM capability to send the enrollment or to verify the individual’s information to a secure environment or on the spot with the BIOSID PRO internal capability. With CardLogix smart card expertise, the BIOSID PRO has the capability to securely enroll individuals and store their data into their secure credentials or verify these secure credentials without any connectivity. This device was designed to support any applications, markets and environments. CardLogix can customized the BIOSID BIOSID PRO is a biometric enrollment, validation (AFIS) and verification tablet PRO application to include any specifications (in any languages).

“We are very excited to introduce the BIOSID PRO for the enrollment, validation and verification of individuals. No longer do individuals need to travel to get their secure credentials or become enrolled, now governments and enterprises can provide, validate and verify secure credentials or secure identities anywhere around the world!” stated Sebastien Goulet, CEO of CardLogix. “Individuals can now be enrolled, validated or verified in minutes using the best biometric technology from NeuroTechnology, Rank One Computer and Princeton Identity. The BIOSID PRO is truly a game changing and cost-effective unique device that can be used for border crossing, hospitals, police verification, enrollment and verification (employees, students, visitors, etc..) and numerous other applications. With Cardlogix ability to customize the application, we can support any projects.”

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About CardLogix:

CardLogix, based in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, USA, is a smart card & biometric solution provider, software developer, and the premier provider of smart card components with a comprehensive line of Software Development Kits (SDK), tools that enable swift card or biometric project development. Since 1998, CardLogix has supplied millions of cards and card components to over 84 countries around the world. As an expert in smart card and chip technology, card operating systems, card software, biometric enrollment, validation, verification, development tools, and middleware, CardLogix has continuously been at the forefront of smart card and biometric technology offering all types of solutions.

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