IRVINE, CA, May 21, 2019 – CardLogix Corporation, a leading smart card manufacturer and software developer, announced today the launch of BIOSID™, a robust mobile identity solution featuring multiple biometric modalities (face, fingerprints, iris, signature) and high-security smart card technology.

Ideal for applications requiring instant identity verification or enrollment from any location, BIOSID is a complete solution with advanced capabilities offered at prices 70% less than those of comparable products.

“Competitive pricing, a highly durable and compact design, multi-modal biometrics, and endless customization options are just some of the features that set BIOSID apart from the competition,” said Sebastien Goulet, President & CEO at CardLogix.

The software interacts with secured contact and contactless smart cards that store AES-encrypted biometric data for instant 1:1 biometric matching against newly captured prints. Biographical data, photo ID, signature, and other digital information quickly display onscreen for visual inspection.

“The combination of digital authentication, biometric matching, and visual inspection with smart cards ensures highest-accuracy identity verification,” said Tom Hope, Director of Sales at CardLogix. “Officers and guards can guarantee that a subject is who he or she claims to be with an easy-to-handle device in the field.”

Additionally, BIOSID is a convenient mobile solution for enrollment. The software enables the instant capture of fingerprints, iris, faceprints, and signature. It also collects cardholder name, date of birth, eye color, age, and other biographical information. Users may write the information to the smart card directly or send it to a remote server over the cloud.

The tablet leverages IP67-rated waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and drop-resistant durability with a lightweight feel, making BIOSID fit for use in any environment. Users also stay connected with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GSM cellular services.

Today, customers can purchase BIOSID Verify with or without BIOSID Enroll. The hardware casing, software and smart cards are fully customizable by CardLogix to meet a wide range of needs across government, enterprise, healthcare, retail, event, and school campus applications.

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