POINTMAN NL200 Card Laminator Module

  • Ideal solution to maximize durability and level of security of your cards
  • Single/Dual sided card laminate Stand-alone or connect to a card printer
  • Simultaneous dual sided laminate
  • Clear or Holographic laminate
  • High level physical security
  • LCD Control Panel


The NL200 Laminator is an ideal solution to maximize durability and level of security. of your cards. Single/Dual sided card laminate Stand-alone or connect to. a card printer. Simultaneous dual sided laminate. Clear or Holographic laminate. High level physical security. LCD Control Panel. Lamination adds a layer of protection to your cards. Reduce counterfeits, tampering, and duplication, and increase durability—in one easy step. Securely laminate PVC cards, smart cards, and mag stripe cards.

• Detect fraudulent cards with the holographic image embedded in the laminate.
• Increase the life of your cards up to 5-10 years.




item detail
Laminator Laminate Method Heater roller(Single : 1ea / vertical Dual : 2ea / vertical)
Laminate Speed 19Sec
Laminate Mode Single & Dual sided laminate
Laminate Lamp Single : 500W × 1ea / vertical
Dual : 500W × 2ea / vertical
Laminate film(Patch/Varnish)
(All Films with RFID for protection & auto identification)
Patch type – Holographic, Clear patch(500 / 250 images)
Varnish type – Holographic, Clear type (1,000 images)
Patch thickness – 1.0mil / 0.5mil
Patch size – 81 × 51mm (CR-79, 80)
Detect Temperature Single : 1ea / Dual : 2ea
Heat Protect Dual protection(H/W, Thermal Cutoff)
Laminating Temperature 120℃ to 195℃
Warm-up Time 40~50 sec
Card Card Type IPVC, Composite PVC
Card Format ISO CR-80-ISO 7810 (53.98mm W × 85.60 mm L / 3.375” × 2.125”)
Card Tihckness 0.76mm-1.0mm
Capacity – Stacker : 150 cards (Optional)
– Manual single card feed
CPU 32 bit processor
Interface – USB2.0 (High-Speed) – RS232
Security Kensington® physical lock slot
Hopper lock & Front cover lock (optional)
Operating System for
Printer Driver
All 32-bit and 64-bit compatible : Windows 7, 8 & 10
Windows 2003/2008/2012 Server
Software Package “Laminator user program”
Certifications FCC Class A, CE (EN 55022 Class A, EN 550024), cUL, KCC
Display Panel Graphics type display (128 × 64 dots) – 4 line white LCD status, error and warning notification
Set and control the laminator on LCD
Power Supply INPUT : 90-270V / 47-63Hz
Environmental Operating Temp 15°C ~ 30°C
Operating Humidity 20~60 %
Storage Environment -5°C ~ 70°C
20~70% RH
Options Stacker, Front cover lock, Card input hopper lock
Dimensions & Weight NL200 – D0 Dimensions 319.4mm(L) × 215.9mm(W) × 314.1mm(H)
Weight 10Kg
NL200 -U0 Dimensions 319.4mm(L) × 215.9mm(W) × 314.1mm(H)
Weight 10Kg
NL200 – DH Dimensions 377.1mm(L) × 215.9mm(W) × 314.1mm(H)
Weight 10Kg
Limited Warranty 2 years *Under specific condition

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