Florida, USA, August 2017–SurePassID, a tech company focused on the development of multi-factor authentication platforms, recently announced fast deployment options to implement FIDO Certified multi-factor authentication. The company offers businesses, government entities, and organizations a simple and low cost way to implement the FIDO security standard, meet the latest security compliance requirements, and even eliminate passwords.

SurePassID’s website includes information about how to become FIDO enabled with simple, passwordless multi-factor authentication solutions. “The innovative technology behind our products makes it easier than ever for businesses to protect the accounts and private information of their employees and customers,” explained SurePassID’s CEO Mark Poidomani.

The FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance defined the Universal Authentication Framework (UAF) protocol and the Universal Second Factor (U2F) protocol as part of the new FIDO security standard. FIDO is an open and scalable set of standards offering greater website and mobile app security with more convenience for the end users. “We were one of the first companies to get FIDO-Certified and we know how to get our clients up and running very quickly,” said Mr. Poidomani.

SurePassID offers multiple ways to implement FIDO certified security. “We are really excited about all the options our products offer businesses. For instance, our Native Mobile SDK (software development kit) allows businesses to integrate FIDO U2F directly into their mobile apps,” added Mr. Poidomani.

Other FIDO-Certified products listed on their website include a Treo 3-in-1 U2F USB and NFC Token with OATH OTP (for non-FIDO platforms like VPNs), as well as TapID NFC Cards with a U2F applet for NFC mobile app login – “Just Tap ‘N Go!”. They also offer FIDO Certified cloud authentication services, including the option for private labeling.

“Clients rely on us to deliver unfailing security across multiple channels,” Mr. Poidomani said. “That means we must prevent fraud instead of chasing after it, and our technology is engineered to do just that.”

Visit the SurePassID website to learn about FIDO Certified passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA). Visitors are encouraged to sign up for a free trial: http://surepassID.com.


About SurePassID:

SurePassID provides seamless security across multiple channels for an affordable and straightforward price. They offer FIDO Certified multi-factor tokens, key fobs, dynamic CSC credit cards, plug-in apps, authentication server software, cloud authentication services and more. As one of the first FIDO members, they contributed to the initial FIDO specification released in 2014. Today, their clients range from small businesses, to big names like Aetna, Akamai and the U.S. Capitol Police, as well as other companies around the globe.

About the FIDO Alliance Organization:

The mission of the FIDO Alliance is to change the nature of online authentication by (1) Developing technical specifications that define an open, scalable, interoperable set of mechanisms that reduce the reliance on passwords to authenticate users. (2) Operating industry programs to help ensure successful worldwide adoption of the Specifications. (3) Submitting mature technical Specification(s) to recognized standards development organization(s) for formal standardization. FIDO Authentication solutions bring myriad benefits including stronger account/transaction security, improved user experience, improved return on investment in authentication, and reduced risk of fraud.


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