RESTON, VA, November 2, 2015 — Corvus Integration, a leading supplier of biometric solutions, announces the UNITY™ Handheld Multi-Modal Biometric solution for the capture and verification of identity. UNITY is lightweight and rugged, and is ideal for mobile and dynamic environments where identities must be quickly captured and verified.

Powering UNITY is Raven™, Corvus’ identity management software that provides full-function identification and matching capability. Raven’s intuitive interface supports the enrollment and export of biographical and biometric data in standard data formats.

Applications include population enrollment, border control, passport processing, law enforcement, first responder, and event management.

Corvus has teamed with partner CardLogix, a leading provider of smart cards and software for secure IDs, to feature its PassCheck for UNITY™ Credential Validation Software. PassCheck for UNITY powers Unity and its optional UNITY Passport Scanner/ Reader to capture and verify passports and other Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs), such as ICAO ID-1 cards. PassCheck instantly reads a credential’s chip data, decodes it, and validates its digital signature against published country certificates. The ultimate mobile passport and biometric verification solution is created when PassCheck is combined with UNITY and the optional UNITY Passport Scanner/Reader.

UNITY Features

  • Multiple biometric modalities: Dual Iris, Face, and Dual Fingerprint (Live and latent)
  • Real-time Cloud/Identity Server Interaction
  • On-board Persons of Interest Management/Alarming
  • Real-time video analytics, including Facial Recognition
  • Support for all Global Network Bands via 4G HSPA
  • Lightweight (2.5 pounds) and rugged design
  • Dual Core 1.8 GHZ Atom Processor (64 bit)
  • 4GB RAM
  • Certified to FBI SAP 45, IP54, FCC/CE, Eye Safe, and Appendix F (Mobile)

Enhanced Verification Management Options for a Wide Range of Needs

UNITY, originally developed for the U.S. military, is field-proven for accuracy, versatility, and ruggedness. These
features give UNITY an advantage in virtually any mobile ID Credential application, where conditions are dynamic
and identities must be processed and managed, frontline, and real-time.

Optional enhancements for UNITY include:

  • The UNITY Passport Scanner/Reader – A Two- and Three-line MRZ scanner and NFC reader that mounts directly
    on UNITY for instant adaption to passport/MRTD reading.
  • PassCheck for UNITY™ Credential MRTD 2 and 3 Line Validation Software
  • Compliance watch list modules for PassCheck for UNITY for applications in Healthcare, National ID, Law Enforcement and Gaming are available from CardLogix

More About UNITY

All products are available now from Corvus Integration and CardLogix. Contact Corvus Integration Contact Corvus at or 703-871-5066.

Corvus Integration

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