IDBX™ Instant Biometric Secure Credential Issuance DASCOM editions

Issue Cards with Digital Identities Fast and Cost-Effectively

IDBX™ Instant Biometric Secure Credential Issuance DASCOM editions


  • Complete Instant Issuance Smart Card Solution with biometric enrollment, validation (AFIS & ABIS), and verification
  • Out-Of-The-Box issuance capability
  • High-Security Contact & Contactless Smart Cards (Optional) with JAVA or MOST Operating System
  • Hassle-Free, Pre-Configured, No User Programming Required
  • Sophisticated and Demographic Enrollment Software with CLX Enroll Biometrics (Desktop edition)
  • Advanced Smart Card Personalization Software (Card Encoding Engine)
  • 300 DPI (Direct To Card) with DC-2300 or 600 DPI Retransfer printing  with DC-7600with encoder and Lamination (See options list)
  • Laptop (14+ inch, i5 (Intel), 8 GB RAM, 256 SSD) from major manufacturer
  • Face & Iris biometric capture camera
  • FAP60 Fingerprint capture (like the airports)
  • Tripod stand for camera
  • Signature pad
  • Custom Configurations with In-the-Field Upgrade Options
  • idblox® Compliant for Multiple Applications
  • BIOSID PROBiometric Tablet Compatible (In the Mobile and in the Complete edition). Device can be added separately
  • CardPresso (for MiFare & Desfire encoding) (Optional)  and CEE Secure Credential Instant printing, encoding and issuance
  • IP 67 Case

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Issue Smarter ID Cards Faster! Everything needed in a hard case. 

Accelerate your deployment of cards (Smart or with no chip) with digital identities for highest-security identity systems with the IDBX instant card issuance and encoding solution Biometric DASCOM edition.  Our latest system accelerates the deployment of advanced identity systems that leverage the power of contact and contactless microprocessor smart cards with the ability to take the biometric information (Face, Iris, Fingerprints & signature) instantly and securely for all enrollees.  The IDBX biometric bundle includes everything you need to jump start your program with the ultimate solution which includes a computer, card printer (with encoder), camera biometric captures, signature pad, BIOSID Pro (different version),  software to be able to issue cards instantly (CEE), and hard case (IP67) with wheels to store all of your equipment securely (optional).

The DASCOM IDBX solution comes in 2 formats and various options

  1. Direct To Card system using the DASCOM DC-2300.
  2. Retransfer system using the DASCOM DC-7600

Whether you are still evaluating project requirements or you are ready to deploy your pilot program, CardLogix’ out-of-the-box IDBX solution saves months of time and hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars by avoiding complicated product integrations and custom programming.

Get started today with one of our fully-integrated product bundles. Test the solution in your environment. Impress stakeholders by demonstrating full capabilities immediately. CardLogix offers flexible upgrades and custom configuration options as your project evolves and requirements change.

2 Powerful Solutions in 1 Complete Bundle

IDBX Biometric solution includes:

  1. IDBX biometric Enrollment Desktop Edition (Face, Iris, Fingerprint and signature) 
    • CardLogix CLX Enroll biometric edition (software)
    • Face & Iris camera
    • FAP60 Fingerprint scanner
    • Back Lit Signature Pad
    • Hard Travel Case (IP67) with wheels
    • Laptop with 14+ Screen (Intel) i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD (Major brand)
    • Tripod for Camera
    • USB-Powered Hub
    • Option: BIOSID PRO (for mobile enrollment, verification (AFIS & ABIS), and verification
  2. Smart Card Personalization and Issuance Kit
    • Card Encoding Engine™ (CEE) Smart Card Personalization and Encoding Software Kit with JAVA and MOST OS systems
    • Printer options that fits into the hard case :
    • Pre-Configured Contact and Contactless Smart Cards, Ready for Electronic and Graphical Personalization
    • CEE WiFi Connect Kit (optional)
    • Optional: Ribbons (for the printer selected)
    • Optional: Clear Patch Lamination Rolls if lamination module has been selected

Other options are available with standard capability

The IDBX DASCOM Edition  includes a face and signature  capturing capability and the software to issue secure credentials instantly.

Prices are hardware-dependent based on type of capture devices, printer (manufacturer and type) and other configurations required.

Speak to a CardLogix sales consultant today to learn more your options.


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Bundle Options

To get you started right away, CardLogix offers convenient pre-set bundles to choose from.

Product bundles range from $5,999 to $24,999 depending on your project requirements.

Get our most complete bundle today for only $19,500! 

IDBX Complete: 2 Powerful Solutions in 1 Comprehensive Bundle

IDBX Complete Includes:

  1. Complete Enrollment Kit for Capturing Biometrics + Demographics 
    • Back Lit Signature Pad
    • ID Document Scanner
    • Hard Travel Case
    • 14 in Laptop
    • Heavy-Duty Tripod
    • Portable Power Pack
    •  USB- Hub
  2. Smart Card Personalization and Issuance Kit

Other options are available.

Speak to a CardLogix sales consultant today to learn more our bundle options as well as custom configurations.


Call: +1-949-380-1312

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