The SmartMX3 P71D320 is NXP’s 3rd generation SmartMX platform built for the digital services era to provide advanced security and privacy protection for citizen IDs, ePassports, payment and access control management applications. The P71 is a secure microprocessor with full dual-interface crypto capability. It forms part of NXP’s SmartMX family of products. The device is built around a proven and powerful secure RISC core. These products are ideally suited for eGovernment and payment applications requiring an economical but also tamper-proof solution, capable to withstand today’s and future attack scenarios.

P71D320 offers the flexibility of Flash memory for code and data. At the same time, ROM is still available for customers that want to use it. The high contactless performance known for NXP secure microprocessors is maintained. Memory is managed by the device firmware, resulting in very solid endurance and retention on application level.

End to end data and code encryption and integrity protection ensures that user data and application code cannot be retrieved from the device, nor corrupted during execution. A secure hardware-based copy mechanism allows safe and fast execution of software routines dealing with copying of data.

The dedicated crypto co-processors for symmetric and asymmetric cryptography provide outstanding power efficiency and flexibility. The DES/AES engine is protected by mathematically proven countermeasures. The asymmetric crypto coprocessor provides DPA resilience and serves asymmetric crypto algorithms with a flexible RSA key length of up to 4096 bits and up to 544 bits for elliptic-curve cryptography.

NXP’s SmartMX3 P71 security architecture is built on more than 15 years of experience. The platform provides an embedded firmware and a hardware abstraction layer that offers standard solutions for routine tasks.

NXP offers a full system solution powered by JCOP 4 Java Card operating system. Running JCOP 4 on the P71D321 guarantees a perfect match of hardware and software capabilities resulting in excellent performance figures and enabling the fastest time to market approach for upcoming security solutions. The JCOP 4 OS runs on Java Card 3.0.5 Classic and GlobalPlatform 2.3.

The SmartMX3 P71 product supports the easy implementation of native operating systems in market segments such as banking, E-Government, ID cards, Health cards, secure access as well as Trusted Platform Modules (TPM).

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