NXP’s SmartMX, the smart card platform of choice for secure and fast data transactions, is a proven solution for contact and contactless applications including eGovernment, banking and public transport. It offers advanced attack resistance and high performance, with cryptographic coprocessors and ultra-low-power design.

The NXP SmartMX family meets the highest performance standards and forthcoming security requirements yet reduces overall cost. It is a proven, reliable solution for smart transactions – with almost one billion ICs shipped – that delivers leading-edge performance in contactless operation along with reduced personalization time.

Building on NXP’s track record of innovation, the SmartMX platform is supported by a product roadmap that offers increasing levels of convenience and security.

SmartMX also has a built-in Memory Management Unit (MMU) to support strong firewalls and enhance security levels within a multi-application set-up. All relevant cryptographic algorithms are supported with “hardened” IC blocks equipped with unique features. Cryptographic coprocessors support public key algorithms, and optimized, certified crypto libraries are available for interfacing the coprocessors and simplifying development of a secure OS.

To service a range of applications in eGovernment and banking, SmartMX supports proprietary operating systems such as JCOP, as well as open-platform solutions such as Java Card and MULTOS. Its contact interface meets the international standard ISO/IEC 7816 and its contactless interface complies with ISO/IEC 14443. In addition, the MIFARE Classic and MIFARE DESFire EV1 implementations ensure compatibility with a widely deployed MIFARE infrastructure.

Excellent security measures

The product family is certified Common Criteria EAL 5+, so it protects against light attacks, invasive fault attacks, and side-channel attacks, and comes with a CRI license for improved DPA/SPA attack resistance features.

Steady extension of the SmartMX portfolio

NXP is the leader among Contactless IC vendors. The P5CD145 platform, which includes the dual interface types P5CD016, P5CD041, P5CD081, P5CD128 products, features Secure Fetch™ technology and delivers Mchip4 transaction times <400 ms. The platform is EMV-compliant, supporting antennas down to one half ID1, and offers an EAC reading time down to 3.5 seconds with a 50 kbyte dataset. All known crypto algorithms and protocols supported by SmartMX for multiple key lengths.

The proven SmartMX series fully supports multi application requirements. For the highest multi-application performance requirements, the first products of the highly anticipated family of SmartMX2 products are now available. Customers have reported the features and performance of these new devices to be the best in the Smartcard industry!

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